Saturday, October 11, 2008

Be Bad, Be Glad.

bare butts

speed reader

Funny, even though the spread of the internet was the death nell for zines as the awesome micro/macro media they were/are, i've found all sorts of great archives of old zines online which i am now looting & pillaging to create some new zines in the physical world. One day, when we are living on space stations in some alternate dimension, i'm sure it'll be just as weird. Anyhow, check out this great blog "PUNKS IS HIPPIES" full of lots of archived Punk zines.

& Lenny Bruce on sniffing glue.

Just watched the Bela Lugosi Dracula for the first time in quite a while. Fantastic. Just fantastic. Get in the Halloween mood & watch it yourself!


Robert Adam Gilmour said...

I think Dracula is pretty mediocre, Dwight Frye and Bela Lugosi are almost the only good thing about it. I've seen maybe 10 Bela Lugosi films and most of them are so boring as to be almost unwatchable. Out of the ones I have seen, I think his finest hour is in White Zombie, where he is genuinely cool.

I rank the main universal monster films like this...
Bride of Frankenstein
The Wolfman
The Invisible Man
Werewolf of London
Creature from the Black Lagoon
The Mummy

I truly think the last 3 are truly boring with only glimmers of monstery goodness. There is a few important old horror films I have not seen, but I'm not in any hurry. I'd like to see Son of Frankenstein though.

Aeron said...

I have the Dracula dvd that includes a second disc with the Spanish version which was filmed side by side with the original using the same sets but different actors. Interestingly, this version is considered by many to be superior, at least visually. The use of lighting in it is really amazing, you should seek it out if you get the chance. An amusing detail, one of those old wagons was originally used in Todd Browning's Freaks. Gotta love Dwight Frye, the scene where he's laughing inside the boat is one of the creepiest and funniest parts of Dracula. I saw a picture of his gravestone and it gives no mention at all to his film career.

And it's easy to forget the unique place we are in history regarding what we can see in the art world. Just imagine 15 years ago how difficult it would be to see the stream of contemporary art being made let alone the vast archives of art through the past centuries that is available on so many sites. Back in the nineties if any of us wanted to get our art seen, we would be having to print zines like crazy or getting published in those other people were making. It's still a fun idea to get published in those things but it's strange that it's probably not at the top of any of our priority lists anymore.

Robert Adam Gilmour said...

I've always wanted to see the Spanish one, I only seen docu-clips of it. It aint on Amazon.

Anonymous said...

It came included with a special edition dvd of Dracula that was released in America a few years back which also had several other Dracula related flicks like Daughter of Dracula and a few others I can't think of. Here is a link on amazon..

- aeron

Anonymous said...

BELA is ALWAYS cool.

The Spanish version is nice, but the Browning version is just wonderful. The pace of the visuals, the theatrical feeling, the early sound and strange script hiccups, the B&W of it all... There is nothing like it.

Also, Gods and Monsters (about James Whale) is really lovely and well worth watching.

Paleo said...

even after all the posthumous martyrdon heaped over his shoulders, Bruce's still pretty funny

mostyn said...

I agree about Dracula being boring. Beautiful music though. Bride o frank is king, wolfman second. I am a bigger fan of Lee in Horror of Dracula on Hammer label. Scared the crap out of me as a kid cuz he would jump over tables after you. BLA BLA

zeke said...

Damn, wish I had a toy of the first little critter sat on the pan, great stuff!

SEAN said...

Zeke: ONE DAY I WILL HAVE TOYS!!! CHEAP SHITTY TOYS FOR LITTLE KIDS THAT COST NEXT TO NOTHING! I'LL SEND YOU A BAG! Do you know "Nutty Mads" i want them to be like that. One color, solid plastic, 10 for a couple bucks.

Robert, I don't know how you can criticize Dracula or Bela Lugosi. It's not a movie, he's not a person, they are cornerstones. They're not criticizable. It's like saying "the Bible is boring" as a criticism. That said, White Zombie totally rules. The atmosphere is amazing on it. Aeron, we got the netflick first disk of those Universal Monster releases, but they only have the original movie on them, the rest is on the second disk. Might have to send away for those too. Just watched the Mummy last night.

Jeffrey Meyer said...

I love Bride of Frankenstein, the others have their merits but I don't find myself wanting to rewatch them.

I'm a Val Lewton man myself.