Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mr. Sean's Halloween Showbag

Mr. Sean's Halloween Showbag

This is the hanger tag for the second Mr. Sean's Halloween Showbag. The images are opposite each other in the actual version, but for the online example i flipped the top one over. The showbag consists of candy, cards, toys, mini-comics & whatever else i have lying around. I do it for the kids.


Anonymous said...

Dude, have I ever told you that you are my antihero? I want to be a kid in your neighborhood.

SEAN said...

Aw, thanks Chris. I guess i AM an anti-hero.

Anonymous said...

No man, for real. I love your attitude about art, kids and culture and I wish several of us lived close so we could do this together but I guess cyberspace will have to suffice. I am trying to do similar change in my town as well.

Anonymous said...

You should send one to me too.

Human Mollusk said...

That's heartwarmingly awesome, Sean. You could add an instruction for the kids to cut out the heads glue them on an piece of paper and draw their own bodies, or even entire scenes. I would have done that a as a child.

Paleo said...

Man, you really nailed that Hallowen, 50's, 60's americana feel with these masks!

and i think this is your best coloring job ever, i may even steal the way you did the colors here, unassumingly killer.

SEAN said...

Thanks dudes. Chris, town by town, we will remake America in our image! I wanna put the show on the road & spread the faith in big revivals across the country, watching cartoons & setting off fireworks. Forcing corner stores to sell comics & have pinball games to play.

Fufu, thanks! I try to warm the hearts, much like your AMAZING new website front-page. Wow man. That rules.

Kevin, i'll gladly trade or sell one of them to you. Email me.

David, thanks! That's what i was going for, the coloring job is directly inspired by the old Marvel colorforms... you should see them printed out! I'll have to send you one. Wanna trade?

zeke said...

Got this as my desktop background and it looks superb!

Anonymous said...

Really fantastic heads! You got that vintage thing down, very f ing awesome. Now you just need to sculpt your own custom molds for jello monsters.

- aeron