Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Demons and Creepshow

Here's a demon head I've been working on recently, still very much in progress. I'm curious if anyone here recognizes what animated film this demon head loosely resembles a character from? This was originally going to be a cyclops but I enjoyed the triangular formation of 3 spider like eyes too much. And an amusing detail, some of the textures on the face originate from photos of a beached dead whale ripped open with entrails all over the place.

This is the first track from John Harrison's score of what is, in my opinion, the best horror anthology film ever made.. George Romero and Stephen King's CREEPSHOW! You can find the full album easily enough on google but each individual track can be heard on this youtube page.

Track from the episode "They're Creeping Up On You!" Gotta love those crazy moog/ synth distortion loops.


Jeffrey Meyer said...

Fantastic Planet?

Aeron said...

Haha, yep. Strangely, it wasn't even intentional, just an accidental similarity once I dropped in that circular eye and the winged like ears.