Wednesday, June 24, 2009

new inks " Remus III " & fatigue

I just go back from a week in Warsaw, which was a real breath of fresh air. I got a chance to pick up a new edition of -which is exquisite by the way- "God Emperor of Dune", my favorite book of all time. I also bought an awesome compilation of Moebius and a few more European comics, such as "Thorgal". For some time now, I have been suffering from a sort of fatigue when it comes to art-making. Of course I solider on, however some of the symptoms are reminiscent of those described by Luke on occasions. Ironically, I feel I have to push harder than ever. After all, I have been at this for 10 years. What comes to mind is the song by Blue Oyster Cult "Veterans of the Psychic Wars". The week of not drawing in Europe definitely did me some good, I hope. But the - I hope statement- is the sort of paranoia I have.


ULAND said...

Oh man, I'm jealous of your trip. Do you have family there? Find any old posters in abandoned housing blocs?
I love B.O.C too!

Insert Polish White Eagle here:_______

ULAND said...

Can you show us any pics of your trip Marek?

MD Encolpius said...

There you go Luke. Warsaw is really turning into a beautiful city- the pictures don't do it justice. You still have those old abandoned apartment bldgs that we talked about, however most of them are either being renovated or torn down. In about 10 yrs they'll be gone completely and Warsaw may regain it's pre-WW glory.

ULAND said...

Thanks Marek. Great stuff. Did you get to the countryside at all? I'm curious about rural Poland..