Monday, June 01, 2009

NINJA Storm!

I had one of the more insane and awesome experiences of my life on Saturday when I saw nine inch nails and Janes Addiction at a big outside rock arena during an intense lightning and rain storm. A tornado apparently touched down not too far away from the show and the tornado sirens started going off about halfway through nin's set. It was difficult to tell that it was a tornado siren because it blended so well into the regular noises of a live nin performance. And watching nin perform the downward spiral while you're standing under a torrent of rain falling down, is incredible. There was lightning blasting off across the horizon constantly, like it was timed to the beat and next to the strobe lights on stage, it seemed intentional. Mother nature turned the entire sky into one giant nine inch nails stage prop!

Someone uploaded Metal being played while the tornado sirens went off in the background, check it out here.

Above pic originally posted by Rob Sheridan.


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