Saturday, April 09, 2011

Ex Occidente Press

Given that I am still waiting for a few books that I've ordered from this obscure publisher to arrive from Romania, I feel somewhat leary of spreading the word of them, since all their publications are of very limited stock, and there is much more of it that I would like to own. Nevertheless, if you're curious take some time to explore the catalogue of Ex Occidente Press. Not all of their books are viewable on the main page so it may take some time exploring, especially since what little of the plotline is revealed of each book on their respective pages, hints at something almost too weird to be true. What else could be expected from a publisher that has released contemporary tribute anthologies to both Gustav Meyrink, the man who wrote The Golem and many other hallucinatory stories, as well as one dedicated to Mikhail Bulgakov, the author of The Master and Margarita, one of the most intense, surreal, and multi-layered black comedies ever written?

Oh, did I mention the artwork to their books kicks ass. A bit on the pricy side sure, yet this is nothing unusual for small cult presses, and it all but assures that these books would only be purchased by those they are best suited for.

Charles Schneider

John Coulthart

Stephen J. Clark

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Robert Adam Gilmour said...

It bothers me how expensive and limited these books are, especially from Tartarus and Centipede. I think if this type of fiction was more widely read, those problems would be solved. There is a lot of media that focuses on the newest sci-fi movie or tv series that should really be promoting this stuff.

I recently found out about this odd publisher...