Friday, April 15, 2011

Professor Bad Trip

Recently, I have been going through old stuff, rummaging in boxes full of dusty drawings at my parental cave. During the 1990s I did an anthology called Thank god it's Ugly with collaborations with Jakob Klemencic, Mike Diana, Matthias Lehmann and others. In fact, I owe Jakob for coming up with the catch phrase for the title. Anyway, it was a fruitful period, but after 2002 these collaborations came to a standstill as everybody started concentrating on their solo careers, or dropped out.

In 2006 I was saddened to learn that Gianluca Lerici a.k.a. Professor Bad Trip from La Spezia, Italy, had died from heart failure at the frightening early age of 43. Here is a couple of drawings we did together. I sent pencil sketches to Gianluca by old-fashioned snail mail and he finished them and sent them back, using only markers. His way of working is immaculate. There are mistakes nor white-out on his original art. Not all his work was in b/w though. He did colourful paintings and objects too - as a quick google search can show you. Amazing stuff. Good to know that he is not forgotten.