Friday, February 10, 2012

Alkom'X 6(66)


Alkom'X 6 is out !
Be sure this book has been done in hell's press.

This issue is like n°5, handmade sewing, handmade cover (linoprint) & printed in our village.

There's much more contributors in this one, you can judge by yourself :

Alkbazz, Timothy Georgarakis, Ichiba Daisuke, Marc Brunier-Mestas, Ludovic Levasseur, Marcel Ruijters, Pakito Bolino, Eric Ferrier, Tom Volkaer, Marie-Pierre Brunel, Cazzimir Meulemans, Quentin Mabuse, Les frères Guedin, Les frères Rictus, Craoman, Dave2000, Arnus Horribilis, Riton la Mort, Mathieu Desjardins, Pierre Marty, Francesco Defourny, Judex, Eglé Shaltmira, DDB, Gaspard Pitiot, Daniel Cantrell, Marcus Nyblom, The Pit, Benjamin Monti, Franck Omer, Kapreles, Crippa Almqvist, Zeke Clough, Marc van Elburg, Gwen Tomahawk, Zigendemonic, Victor Dunkel, Léo Quiévreux, Dr. C., Les frères LeGlatin, Anef, Antoine Duthoit, Chanic, Willy Ténia, Olaf Ladousse.

Everyone is a demon and the summary releaved their name, I let you search for info about them.


More pictures :

Next issue for autumn 2012, thema : Voynich manuscript & mysterious stuff from old ages

To buy Alkom'X 6 (or other issue, 3.4.5) : 10euro + 3.50 (France) / + 2euro (Europe)
Paypal at alkbazz(at) ou Par chèque : Le Garage L. / Bd Bouche / 04300 Forcalquier


Unknown said...

Congrats, comrade! Looks amazing and amusing! Well done, waiting to get my copy!

all the best,

alkbazz said...

I'm awaiting for your answer to send your copies!
Let me know =)

Gaspard Pitiot said...

I had it ! It looks good!

Marcel Ruijters said...

Congratulations! You have really outdone yourself.