Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I love drawing with a brush - While I do illustration on a long period, emptying space thinking of something else (and that's good too), with brush I just need to be very concentrated for a short time (maybe half an hour including sketch). I think it's also more alive cause of hazardous details coming.

I did this one on A3 paper after an hippocampe picture

This other one was done same way (A2 paper)


crippaXXXalmqvist said...

very nice drawings there, romuald.
you're good!
and yes, they got life, alright..

Gaspard Pitiot said...

I don't draw any preliminary sketch anymore which implies that I have to cut bits of paper to correct the mistakes which I really don't like. Maybe I should do. I'm a bone idle.

alkbazz said...

Thanx Crippa (well I doesn't mean that's alive, that's how I feel it during the process)

Gaspard : most of the time I sketch silhouette very quickly, just to know where I'll draw heads & stuff. Sometimes (like for hippocampe) I draw sketch on a paper and then I start painting on another paper. I rarely use correction.

Gaspard Pitiot said...

I corect because I don't have to be pleased.I probably would not make much mistakes if I had just a quick silhouette but I basically almost finish each part before going further in the scene I'm trying to draw and this way I ensure I don't know everything that may happen on the picture, the risk of failing is high, eventually the waist of time is real, and I also probably expect more relations to take place in the picture (which is often not happening) ; for example, if I have just a head I don't know how to position the body and if I still have to add an arm I don't know where to put it. That the way I drew this gray picture for example : http://gaiihin.blogspot.com/2010/05/grigri-2.html At the moment I can't do otherwise, if I follow a precise and global visual idea about what to do I loose my temper and I immediately try to escape from it by doing absurd shapes and complacently experimenting abstract, funny, trash, esthetical and extremely scornful ways to draw... and then I realize It's weak. Well, I don't draw much. I draw again. I almost didn't draw during two years.

alkbazz said...

I understand that very well, first because I can see it in your work, second because I draw like that 15-20 years ago. I do sometimes still, I like the way getting in detail without sketch could bring the forms to something strange & difformed. I cannot find example on internet but this one maybe is approaching that way http://alkbazz.free.fr/IMG/jpg/regarde.jpg & or those http://alkbazz.free.fr/spip.php?article82 - I like how faces goes wrong if you don't follow a sketch.

But, I consider like something different doing an artwork & doing an illustration for something special - here hippocampe is for a gig poster, so I need to do something clear & easy for audience (that's what guy ask), you know managing composition. Even for free artwork I often think first the shape & global composition and then I empty it with different kind of strikes/brushstrokes etc

I don't know, everything seems good to me !

Gaspard Pitiot said...

I made preliminary sketches for 99,9% of my comics. I think I sould do some for my ink drawings again. (very nice, those drawings you linked me to).

alkbazz said...

ah yours is simply wonderful, reminds me a bit of Ludovic Levasseur