Saturday, February 11, 2012

Horror Book Covers

  ...I adore this cover, dont know who did it. I've said before how confusingly few great covers there are for genre books (particularly science fiction, where Richard Powers is one of the only artists who excites me), but I've been looking around anthologies from older horror editors like Aickman, Danby, Lamb, Haining, Wagner, Asquith, Chetwynd-Hayes, Bernard, Davis and Sutton, for good art and there is some. Alden Norton is a lesser known editor of the era.

...JK Potter

  ...I just saw this for the first time today. I'd really love to have this but I've heard it is rare. Some other editions are called Random House Book Of Ghost Stories, seemingly with the beautiful color taken out.

  ...I think this is by John Howe.
  ...This art was done by a friend of M.R James, I cant remember his name but I think he had a go at writing too. There are a few interior images for this book as well in some editions.

 ...I own the first version and it looks less impressive now that I have seen a version that was probably closer to what the artist wanted.

 ...These two Brian Lee kids books are amazing. I had the first book when I was a kid and the art and holograms are lovely. I found out about the 3d book later and bought it a few years ago. This sort of art really inspires me, the artist used to have a website but I dont think it is around anymore and I cant find any other similar books by the same artist.


Jared Africa said...

They are all pretty awesome, but I especially like the "Ghost Stories of an Antiquary" cover. From what I can tell from Google, the interior stuff is equally as great.

Aeron said...

Fantastic assortment of covers, Robert. I've a pile of great horror book covers I'll be putting on Monster Brains in the not too distant future, lots of weird German pulp paperbacks.

Will Errickson said...

Can't ever get enough of horror fiction paperback covers! Cool post, good stuff here. I do know that the artist of THE UNBIDDEN is George Zeil, who did lots of Gothic romance and mystery covers, and a good handful of horror.