Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Hey! Today is 2 postday! I did this one today after 3 different medieval engravings, who knows which one?


Gaspard Pitiot said...


Marcel Ruijters said...

The six-armed guy should be from Hartmann Schedel's The Monstrous Races... Are the other sources also German?

alkbazz said...

Yeah! 6 arms guy comes from "Chronica mundi" by Schedel, yes. Congrats!

I give answers

Others :

the demon on right comes from "Le purgatoire de St Patrice", Paris 1530

the rest of the image comes from "Opere del poeta Danthe" printed in Venice, 1512 (Bernardino Stagnino)
Where Lucifer eat Judas & 2 other guys

Marcel Ruijters said...

The original has these typically bored bedroom eyes: "I guess I'll keep chomping on these Roman traitors... meh..."
You made Satan look a bit more worried: "How long do I have to go on with this?"

Ha ha!

alkbazz said...

I like those medieval images where all characters are done similar in expression - but we could say that mechanical drawing give an unexpected expression to these characters - as I draw devil as evil, trying to give him lots of evilish eye, accentuating expression, but actually the only fact that these creature does exist, & that you know his intention, its enough to be monstruous & frightening (if you're religious or/and superstitious)

alkbazz said...

... maybe that's because simplicity is more frightening than evil intelligent intention, it's more real (like I don't know, a shark doesn't need to do evil eye to be frightening you know!)