Wednesday, June 13, 2007


This is some kind of big War Troll, he has makeshift armor made up of shields on his arm there for scale. I've got some ideas about the adaptive nature of Trolls to their environment, this Troll, having spent a considerable amount of time on the battle field no doubt under the command of some sorts of Black Wizards has become more human & sophisticated compared to his forest dwelling brethren. Click on these images by the way, to see larger versions & relish in the detail! Relish!

I just initiated an Artist Coven called the "Black Wizards" featuring artist types who come from the Punk/Heavy Metal scene & have a similar style & nasty attitude. The goal is to promote this particular type of art & the artists & have some group shows & allow us to kick down the door of history & carve our names in the marble.


This wouldn't have been possible without the inspiration from John Blanche who showed me that you could be a big, burly, nasty, heavy metal listening, motorcycle riding, beer drinking lout & still be a fantastic & respected artist. Thanks John!



Luke Pski said...


Aeron said...

I love that he's got a bunch of shields from his enemies to use as an arm guard and that a barrel of booze is a mere half soda can to him. Something that would be funny is to see a bunch of swords and axes still sticking out of his back from previous battles. Oh and a skull eye patch would be bitchin.

Human Mollusk said...

Yeah that troll is badass! Really mean expression.

Human Mollusk said...
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Ray Frenden said...

I really dig your subject matter. A lot of my work has a heavy metal album cover vibe to it, so it's near and dear to my heart. What's the deal with the coven?

I just started a site for artists to compare technique in a group learning environment too - Stylus.

Jon Chandler said...

Along with Russ Nicholson, John Blanches FF artwork made an enormous impact on me as a kiddywink. Hero.