Thursday, January 10, 2008

Dread Pirate Patches Meets His Maker

So, I'm in a show set for this Saturday. Yay! Details here.

The concept behind the show is this: the participants offer personal works with little or incidental commercial value. In other words, do what you want to do, not what pays your bills!

At first, I was a little stymied. I mean, I DO what I want to do for a living, right? A little reflection left me with a clear idea, though. Comics. I love comics, but never have the time to make them. I made a little vignette. Half comic, half piece of art, and that's what I'm printing and bringing along.

I locked myself in my office and finished this last night at 4:00. I am pooped.

1 comment:

Paleo said...

What a beautiful print, the color scheme is great, you know,in the future you may well find a chance of doing this "Half comic, half piece of art" in your more comercial work, talking of which, and great stuff all around lately Ray! sorry if i can't comment as often i would like to.