Wednesday, January 16, 2008

SuperTrash IT!

Is anyone else submitting work to the SuperTrash shindig? I saw Luke mentioned it a few weeks back in one of David's posts here. I decided to do it a few days ago even though I don't really have the time, but to hell with it, too cool of a project to pass on. I contacted the folks in charge and they're accepting submissions up until Sunday. Check here for all the details. I'm doing a poster for Mystics in Bali! It doesn't get much Super Trashier than that goddamn flick!
Below is a preview of what I'm working on. Currently turning a gut wound in a dead pig into a nasty witch mouth. Not sure which of the above eye types I'm going to use. Blue upside down dead pig eye or halloween mask voodoo eye.


zeke said...

This looks really sick, the nasty veiny things are the left are great.
Reminds me of a tv show I saw the other day exploring different forms of human execution, they tried to demonstrate the problems with electrocution by electrocuting a dead pig. The head piece looked like a chrome nazi helmet and there was smoke coming out from it, it was nuts.

Ray Frenden said...

Oh,man. I really wanna do a Cannibal Holocaust or Big Trouble in Little China one. Gah, no time!