Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Horror Icons Playing Poker

I've been busy as all get-out. December marks my first month of full-time freelance work in over a year. Cold turkey from here on out - you have my undivided attention.

I'd been working 9-ish hours with 3-4 hours of additional drive time. Now, instead of dividing my time across two business ventures, I'm doing solely freelance.

I bought a great, large format, archival quality printer and I intend to start selling prints, more frequently update the blog (including a one hour long narrated podcast as soon as I figure out the most economical/practical way to host it), and really kick 08 in the ass.

I spent all day yesterday soliciting agents and hammering leads, and I can't wait to get started.

To try and balance out all this word smithing, I have a couple of shots from a forthcoming personal work, tentatively titled, Horror Icons Playing Poker. I've always been enamored with Dogs Playing Poker. What's not to like? Dogs? Check. Poker? Check. Fisticuffs to ensue? Check.


Luke P. said...

Good to have you back Ray!
I've been looking into printers as well- What model did you go with?
I'm so ignorant with all this stuff, I'm too nervous to buy until I get some trusted recommendations .

Aeron said...

Fantastic, I look forward to seeing your work in the new year!

Ray Frenden said...

Luke, the printer I use is pretty well vetted. Three other blokes I know use it pretty heavily and I, too, required their input before getting it. Email or call me for more details: 630 234 3380

Thanks, Aeron, and ditto!