Saturday, November 22, 2008

'Oppressive Dreams'

This is an excerpt from my first attempt at a solo cd-r 'Oppressive Dreams', I'd like to make it available as a free mp3 download but haven't figured out the best way to do it yet.
If anyone's innarested it's available here for the next week:
The zip file includes the cover art, best printed onto tracing paper, folded and put into a plastic sleeve.
Tracklisting is:
Oppressive Dreams part one
Last Bus
Oppressive Dreams part two


Aeron said...

Weird, I get a black screen saying the video is no longer available?

Anonymous said...

me too.

zeke said...

Sorry about that, I had the video set to 'private' hopefully it'll work ok now.

SEAN said...

Cool stuff Zeke. I have a hard time listening to this kind of stuff by itself, but get like four tracks of weirdness & phase between them all & i love it. I'd love to see you do an animation to go along with it as well.

zeke said...

Sean, It'd be real good fun to have a go at an animation to accompany this stuff, I've got Flash on my computer just to figure the darn thing out.
Also for some reason this excerpt's been mixed to mono on the original version, the panning is very extreme. The drone's on the right and the blastification beatoffs are on the left.

Gaspard Pitiot said...

Check this Zeke ///Shnek///
/// a friend of mine/// and tell me what you think /// If you still want to come to Cotoreich we'll possibly make some music(I play the double basse and the guitare)

Paleo said...

Morose noise, moody goodness.