Monday, November 03, 2008

Monstrous Trading Cards!

Check out this great set of scans taken from a series of weird trading cards based on monsters. Normally I'd have posted this at Monster Brains but I've got that place on lockdown for the Witches Exhibit. And I'm sure most of you will want to see these inspiring artworks of weird ...things.


SEAN said...

OH AERON, MONSTERS ARE SO PASSE! ha ha. No dude, awesome, thanks for posting these. I'm kind of surprised i haven't come across these ones yet. Good stuff & thanks for sharing. Look at the troll there on the picture, it's copied from the Rien Poortvliet Gnomes book. Crazy.

Mostyn said...

These really are fantastic. Thanks for showing Aaron. I forgot to scan and send you my witch drawing. I have been insane with sick kids,crazy classes and such. Love Monsters Forever!

Paleo said...

such eyeblisteringly colors!
i love it.