Friday, November 14, 2008

Say A Prayer for S. Clay Wilson

S. Clay Wilson, pioneering grotesque underground comix artiste extraordinaire is in a coma with apparent brain
damage after being found unconscious lying in the street in the rain in San Francisco. His work is full of the dangerous element, pirates, demons & bikers.

S. Clay Wilson represents the good side of the 60s to me, which was not repressing your creative tendencies, upsetting the uptight squares & male chauvinism.

"Just because you depict evil, doesn't mean you are evil. People always get that confused. They expect me to be all the monsters I draw. I say, 'No, I'm a repressed Victorian. I shuffle around here and I drink my morning tea.' People show up in leathers and s**t, looking like my characters, I won't let them in my house."

"I get a lot of flak from feminists, but we all do, But within that group of feminists, there's all kinds of mentalities. Some don't understand what we're dong -- making fun of everything. Spain (Rodriguez) gets a lot of s**t about it, we all do. I like the idea of keeping the boat rocking."

Here's an interview with him.
& another one.

Anyhow, just keep him in your thoughts.


Aeron said...

Yeah I saw that posted at TCJ, really unfortunate. Hope he gets better soon. You think about artists being in a coma and you have to wonder if they're living in the world that they drew or painted like CoolWorld. If so, he's probably having a blast right now.

pickledpunk said...

Jezuz...I'm sorry to hear that. I love that guy's work. Hopefully he'll be ok...

Anonymous said...

aww, shit! s. clay wilson is one of my biggest inspirations ever since i was a li'l kiddie!
i wish him all the best of recovery!

Paleo said...

we should get David Heatley or Adrian Tomine on a stone altar and rip their hearts out with a sharpened gorilla femur, it may tip the God's will in S.Clay Wilson's favour.

SEAN said...

David i'm dying. I've wanted to sacrifice Adrian Tomine to the demons for a long time! If he lived anywhere near me, i might go out in the night with a big burlap sack... but... he lives where i used to live. Or at least he used to.

zeke said...

Been thinking about S.Clay Wilson a lot since reading this, hope the bugger's ok.
That's a wonderful thought from Aeron that he's lost in an ultravivid dream of his own universe...