Thursday, April 23, 2009

BileZogBug & the origin of the Goblins

Deep in the malodorous, cryptic guts of the earth, BileZogBug, a vulgar, bloated, demonic Goblin like entity is slurping from semi-digested piles of rotting human remains. These have been brought to him by the initiates of a unearthly Goblin "Maggot Fly" cult. The mystery of Goblin origin is revealed, as they are expunged as "witch's eggs" by this vile & magic monstrosity, phasing in & out of this plane. The eggs hatch & from them emerge corpulent, glistening & pale Goblin Maggots which, fed on scraps of rotting human meat & bilious earthen slime eventually develop into full-formed Goblins to be whisked away to the surface & away from any memories of their disgusting birth rites.
color version. Maybe i'll start spelling it "colour" like i used to.
BileZogBug now in color!
My, my, look how they've grown!


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Anonymous said...

Really fun pic, Sean! I love this insane goblin fantasy world you have going on with these. Some ideas you might think about for future goblin related works, maybe a pirate ship strapped to the back of some flying goblin beast or giant ant like goblin? With a deck full of nasty goblin pirates? Maybe have cannons shooting some hybrid goblin things with spiked helmets?

I could also see you doing a pic of some sort of an arena with two gigantic wretched goblin thugs duking it out, bones scattered about, and a crowd of goblins drinking beer and eating meat!

Keep em comin, keep em comin!

- aeron

Robert Adam Gilmour said...

I really like this style of your work the best. Maybe that is nostalgic of my childhood, but I've come to know that there isnt as much of this type of art as I used to think there was.

What do you think of Paul Bonner?


Anything to wow the audience Zeke. Aeron, my first epic art work was of a goblin war machine perched on top of some kind of dinosaur/elephant mutated thing, with as many goblins perched on it as i had patience to execute... i did it in like 7th grade or so... good ideas.
Robert, thanks! I like it the best too... There really isn't much of it out there either, arty fantasy with a rough hewn edge to it... The new stuff is in a very specific style & most of it uses computer tones or coloring in a boring way. I LOVED Paul Bonner's early work for Games Workshop. I felt like it was maybe a bit "too clear", in that it never weirded out or obscured things, but i loved his stuff. Especially his work in WAAAGH THE ORKS! Oh man. That book...