Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mangelwurzels & Solar Cultists & the Goblin

Decided to do some work in my "traditional" style. Very satisfying. VERY satisfying. This is called "Procession of Solar Cultists". It's an army of hideously deformed monks that go around the place. Not sure what they do, but it can't be pleasant!
Procession of Solar Cultists
And, i managed to start another blog! ha ha. This one is The Goblin, which deals with my larger life work of Goblinism, which is not entirely nasty.

"Only a bit grotesque, troublesome & evil. Combining Punk, Heavy Metal & Rock & Roll with the Völkisch ideal. The Goblin is playful, yet his tricks are occasionally evil & could seriously harm people. The Goblin smile curdles the blood & his laugh sours milk. Goblins enjoy serving insane, evil wizards, mostly because of boredom. Certain kinds of people would like Goblins to be wiped from the face of the earth, but they would only come back, meaner & crazier."
Check it out & follow the GOblin!.
I also noticed that Luke has deleted all of his blog presence again. Hello Luke! Where are you!? What are your plans?


ULAND said...

Hey Sean. I've reigned in my internet use by a lot lately. Not sure what inspired it- just a kind of 'enough already' type feeling, I guess.
Finding more to do in the real world, I guess. Long walks with the dog, writing and drawing in notebooks,reading, drinking beer, etc. Still working on a bunch of drawings similar to my most recent flickr upload, slowly but surely.
I'm sure I'll get back on at some point.

Aeron said...

Really fantastic drawing, Sean. I love the complexity. I'm picturing this being part of some weird ritual where a sacred cannon is taken to a spot in the country from which it shoots at a distant mountain, until the outershell of the mountain is destroyed, revealing some giant goblin god that unleashes chaos on their enemies. And for whatever reason the giant goblin returns to the spot where the mountain was and with time, the earth takes it back.

pickledpunk said...

Hey Sean. Pretty cool. I really dig your "traditional" style. The amount of detail is amazing. There doesnt seem to be a line or cross hatch out of place. Reminds me of the long lost days of Warhammer and White Dwarf. I'm kinda curious...Do you ever pencil your drawings out first?

Logœme said...

I love this picture, and I respect very much this approach to drawing.


Luke, you do what you gotta do! Aeron, thanks! Fun idea, but i think the cannon is used for more mundane things like blasting rows of soldiers to pieces. Marcus, thanks. I always pencil my pieces. It's a super-loose pencil, but i do it. For a few years i stopped penciling to make myself draw faster, but yeah, normally i pencil it. Logoeme, thanks man. I appreciate that.