Friday, April 17, 2009

A Dog Was Smoking a Coffee and Drinking a Cigarette

Three random pages from a new 16 pages comics ///Text in French///Aggressive speech///Dull and pompous survival nods///junk///Confidences de Yumyam (projet collaboratif)///Cuddle///Scorn///Bohemian poetry///Ghetto slang///Dead fishes///Discrimination///Affecive disorder///will be published in Dérive Urbaine


Aeron said...

Have you ever thought of experimenting with a mid grey ink wash alongside the stark black inks? It could be really effective in pushing more dimension into the imagery. Look at some of the backgrounds in these to see what I'm talking about..

Paleo said...


great pages

the abstract motifs make a good counterpoint to the claustrophobic close up on the characters.

Udit said...

This is very interesting read, thanks for sharing the knowledge with all of us. Appreciate your thoughts.