Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hey Zeus Aitch


Aeron said...

Great collages, the moon jesus is really crazy. Can't tell if its landing or bursting out of the ground.

I have a really funny memory of a character in Chicago who would walk around dressed as jesus, carrying a large wooden cross on his back similar to your pics. I was with some friends locked out of our car on, I think Belmont street, and there was a horde of transvestite, prostitute types hanging out, which was entertaining. But this jesus character came walking down the street with the giant cross and all the transvestites started cursing and throwing things at him, and he just kept walking on. Later that night I was at the Vic Theater to see Aphex Twin, and before the show, who comes walking down the street? Jesus! I got to meet Richard D James later that night while he ate a piece of bread on the tour bus. His signature is like a piece of abstract art!

Aeron said...

Also, I think you're really on to something with these pulp magazine texts over religious imagery. I'm picturing other pulp titles like Terrifying Tales, Space and Beyond, Horrors From The Deep, could be amusing in the context of some traditional religious artworks.