Monday, December 28, 2009

Interesting Tumblr Links

Here's all of the tumblrs in my bookmarks, I think most if not all of you will find something of interest in these.. And a heads up, some of these contain nudity.

If you know of a good tumblr, link it in the comments!

All Things Amazing


Patric said...

Always enjoy viewing/reading your blog! Felt left out of the good ol' tumblr links but would recommend another one to you.

and finally my humble stumble at

Aeron said...

Thanks Patric, great links, just added your tumblr to the bookmarks. These tumblr's die faster than flies though, I'm having to weed out 4 that people apparently quite or shut down.

Trench said...

You guys rule the world. Eaten by ducks is one of the first blogs i really got into.

And yeah tumblrs don't really last. I am sorta taking a break from tumblr right now. I'm not quite sure when i'll throw in the towel but i don't think it'll be anytime soon.

Thanks for the link mans,

Anonymous said...

voodoovoodoo is greeeeeeeat

Gaiihin Gobulgœme said...

Thanks mate, I saw a picture by Sekitani in one of them. Do you know his pictures?

A.G. said...