Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Toys, Posters, Gorillas and Stuff!

I'd be screaming too if someone folded my face in half.

At least he can still hold his smokes.

One of my coolest childhood memories is playing with this thing while watching Krull.

Eaten By Gorillas

I still have that fire demon somewhere.

I don't know what Dracula is doing but I'd like to think he decapitated one of his victims, shot laser beams at it to make the skull inflate, then turned it into a jungle gym to hang out in.

This abomination is a sad reminder of what happens when you leave horny chickens and horses in a locked room overnight.

If only the entire movie was just the family screaming, driving 100 miles an hour down a highway while insane demons chased them with a giant chainsaw. I could probably sit through three hours of that.

That's what dragons see when they smoke really good weed.

It looks intimidating until you hear the disco music blaring out of the top floor.

There are good ideas, there are really good ideas and then there are really fucking good ideas, I think you know which one this falls under.

Look out!!! Chocolate Chip Charlie's blowin chunks!!!


ULAND said...

So much great stuff!


No wonder we're on this blog together! Hot damn! I think i've obsessed over all of this stuff at one point in time or another.