Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Monsters, Nazi Demons and Surrealists.

Artwork inspired by Stephen King's "The Mist" published in "Knowing Darkness, Artists Inspired By Stephen King" from Centipede Press this month.

I am doing a limited edition signed and numbered print run of 100 for The Mist priced at 250 US dollars. The size of the print is 36 x 24 inches with no border space. Paper type will be determined in the next two days as I go to the shop to decide, but will be of archival quality, as will the ink.

Inspired by the nazi demons from the nightmare sequence in "An American Werewolf In London." Artwork published in Electric Ant #2, get it here.

Artwork created for Craig Yoe's "Arf Forum" published by Fantagraphics Books in 2007. This surreal portrait of Ernst accompanied a selection of his collages from Une Semaine de Bonté.

I made this until I get a real website put together.


Paleo said...

the new blog: seeing all the latest stuff in one page is SERIOUSLY mindbending!

Kurt Komoda said...

Ha! In that top image, I was thinking "The Mist" before I read your description. Nicely done! Creepiest scene in the short story is when that colossus walks over the vehicle.

Robert Adam Gilmour said...

Excellent. I really need to work harder, because I want to lots of big sprawling scenes too.

Aeron said...

Thanks David, It occurred to me last week that I didn't have a proper display of my strongest work, so I threw it on a new blog. Beats paying for a website, at least for now.

Kurt, the scene of the giant beast crossing the road is one of the most visually compelling and inspiring moments of any fiction I've ever read. I was given the opportunity to illustrate King for a beautifully printed expensive artbook, so I put everything else in my life on hold to make that piece of art and went all out with it. I had so much fun creating every one of those creatures!

I was originally going to stick to the story version and make a few hundred of the insect like creatures buzzing around the giant beast, but I thought it would be more fun for me, and for the viewer, to have a bizarre bestiary of creatures to look at instead. And I'm very glad to know that you instantly knew the source!

Robert, Thank you, I'll be honest, the Mist piece took me a full month of work, these sort of epic pieces are not easy but are worth every minute spent on them. I would love to see you tackle a landscape sort of scene similar to one you've posted before, maybe give it that Ian Miller complexity of architecture and creatures in that ruinous old gothic style that you are so good at.

Gaspard Pitiot said...

Very impressive. You’re a photoshop monk! It is sin not to click on those pictures! It should be compulsory to zoom.