Friday, December 04, 2009

new ink "The Dead"

I was actually working on another ink, but after my hospital experience, this one kinda popped out. It kinda took forever though. I have at least 5 more in this style that I want to do. Then with the coming of the new year, I'm hoping to start a whole new series- which should be quite different in my approach.


Aeron said...

I would love to see you achieve a more spatial element in your imagery. You make incredible architectural structures, I would really like to see them in a believable space to give this amazing fantasy world of yours more of a sense of reality. It carries strengths as it is, the flat almost woodcut style in this piece has strong design elements. But, and I'll use this image as an example, picture this same drawing recreated across an open landscape with the totem like structures positioned at different angles, with shadows dropping around them and playing off of each other.

Here are some artists that I think you could take some inspiration from..

Érik Desmazières, here is a good example of the sort of epic fantastical spaces I would really like to see you accomplish..

But a wall of flat amazing ornamentation and architecture can always work as well -

More here -

Some other artists that you should check out and emulate wherever possible..

Della Bella

François Houtin

Antonio Basoli

One of my favorites that you are surely already familiar with, but I'll mention all the same..

Jacaques Callot,

The sense of space in these etchings is mind blowing..

Also, while Jean-Jacques Lequeu’s architectural works are flat, the way he uses shadows on the structures go a long way into giving them a sense of space.

Aeron said...

Ha, I got caught up with that response, hope you enjoy all the links!

MD Encolpius said...

Thanks for the suggestions, as always. I checked out the artists you recommended, very nice work. However, I'm really not into that stuff right now. I'm kinda inspired by stuff that's completely different. There is always room for improvement in my work, of course. I just think that those suggestions are not what I'm interested in. Again thanks for the input.