Wednesday, September 05, 2012

A Son of Kyuss

  This is a drawing from my sketchbook that, until today, I had only posted on Facebook, I think. It's not much, but it certainly exposed me to a lot of really disgusting maggot-embedded reference material. One video, in particular. I know about the Sons of Kyuss from the Fiend Folio. As far as I know, and I could be wrong, they were made up for that book, or they were in a previous D & D campaign and were therefore included. As I recall, they attacked you in hordes (something creepy about masses of undead children rushing towards you) and the maggots could leap from their heads and eye sockets at you.


alkbazz said...

Good! I don't know nothing about these reference but I like that creepy one!
These colors remind me the work of Rémi which we showed last month,

Kurt Komoda said...

Maybe that artist has the same type of sketchbook as me. I love them!

Human Mollusk said...

great drawing! those maggots really seem to be looking right back at me.