Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Al Kollab'

Hi Kidz

here is a drawing which I haven't done!
some times ago Tony Burhouse send me a pencil asking me to complete it with ink, that's what I've done & after centuries I sent it back to him. Then he added some computer effects and here it is :

Check Tony Burhouse's blog : http://disorientatethedemons.blogspot.fr/ (change 'fr' to whatever)

I'm not in use with that kind of collaboration, even if I did a lot onto walls or linen etc, I'm not easy yet to manage formal collaboration. But it's interesting, I'm awaiting now to see inked the ugly pencil I sent to Tony!

cheers Tony!


crippaXXXalmqvist said...

this collaboration looks actually really interesting, since it do have a certain 50/50 split of yours & tonys style! which are 2 very different styles..

Tony Burhouse said...

Sweet, thanks for posting! The computer effects are only slight (contrast and blur) this is all hand shaded with pencil and biro.
Yes, too much time on my hands. You should release a demons colouring in book, alkbazz.

alkbazz said...

Sorry I understood wrongly that it was computer!
Yes, maybe someday I could do a book... perhaps

I do agree Mr RnR!

Zeke said...

Great picture and godd to see you on EBD Tony!