Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Me: An Introduction

The picture attached at the beginning of this post is only significative of one fact, that the bookshelf belongs to me. I recently arranged most of my books alphabetically and accordning to genre. This hasn't happened in my life in a long time, if ever before. Mainly, the reasons are of course because that I, like anyone else, have moved to new locations, live with someone, and have had to stow away books, and that I now needed to get them out of the basement because it filled with water. I also have left my studio where I stored most of my art-books.

Anyway, the bookshelf is supposed to introduce you to my person. I love literature and art, and books, or, I like being surrounded by books. The picture of the shelf is only representative in a certain aspect, since it doesn’t show all -I read a lot as well, fiction as well as fact.

Collecting, when it comes to text-based books, is mostly inadvertent for me. I have no intention of buying first editions of this or that book. Still, I love books that are great to look at, as well as read.
This does not really form the basis of my philosophy when it comes to life, but may well be grounds for my view on the arts. Movies are subject to the same kind of interest and scrutiny. There should be motive, depth, vision, an underlying aesthetic.

Well, what's the deal, really? Nuthin', I just had to stick something in here to make it more interesting. This is a sketch for a comic I'll never get around to make, but I wish I did though.
What´s gonna happen? Well, the guy goes off to get some dope, and something goes wrong. This is me -not the character, but me, the person with many ideas that may never come to fruition.

I was asked to contribute to this blog, one reason being that some of my fellow writers here supposedly are fans. I am really most grateful. I'm also a fan, no doubt about it. Like all of you, we nowadays can flood our eyes with great art through the screens of our computers, and the internet has been accessory for me to many new discoveries of an interesting and overwhelming kind.

I think the solely most interesting artist for me in many ways in latter years whose work I've encountered -on the internet by the way- is Aleksandra Walizsewska.
I don't know much about her person, and I'm not sure what other people and the artworld knows about her, all I know is that I declare her art to be truly great. It is of a kind very different than most, elevated and profound. It transcends the usual art that I come across, whether it be our lovely company of graphics-surrealist-mania or any ”high-brow”-equivalent. Walizsewska is high-brow, to me, in the best of senses, but how we categorize art is less important.

Above: painting by A. Walizsewska

In an interview performed here at this blog, Walizsewska states that she’s “bored to death by 99% of so-called contemporary art. Old painting is still very vital for me, it makes me really emotional while approaching it”.
It's a quote that naturally tells me alot about her art, but also about her. She is apparently influenced by Renaissance art, and I can certainly relate to this. Also, the fact that she's bored with contemporary art is just great to read, simply because I think her own work is evidence that her sentiments are universally true. Her work is contained within the 1% that isn't boring, to me and the intelligent minds that have encountered it.

So, I was supposed to introduce myself. Well, this is my sort of introduction, and the part of me that is Marcus the artist and art-appreciator. I've been recognized by my peers, I think, to some extent, and that is enough. I think for me a couple of achievements are to have been published by Le Dernier Cri, one of the greatest and most interesting artist-book studios around.  I'm currently taking part in an exhibition curated by the great Stéphane Blanquet/United Dead Artists and Artsfactory in Paris, which opened in September 2012, showing works by many great colleagues of mine.

 My hobbies lie in the field of reading and writing. I am currently trying to learn French, which is difficult, but I wish to decipher all of Serge Gainsbourg's songs, as well as being able to talk, read and some day write like French people do.

That's all, folks!!

I have promised to make a book for Le Dernier Cri, also, a small book for Re:Surgo (formerly BonGout, that have published me before) and I am currently waiting for a short graphic-novel (about 60-pages) of mine to be issued by an undisclosed Swedish company. I have recently opened an art-gallery showcasing some good friends and aquaintances, and paradoxically, I've never before felt so disinterested in making pictures as of today.

That's a very short resumé. I'm not sure what the future holds for me with respect to the arts, all I know is that I'm glad to be part of it all.


Gaspard said...

Welcome !

alkbazz said...

Hey Marcus, welcome & thank you for this interesting intro!

I discovered your work on internet too, on flickr, and I immediatly fall in love with your work for at least two reason; one is your touch, your brush stroke or whatever, i can't say it easy with english sorry! and second is your deep sense of doom (or something like that), sadness & poetry... Your characters are not only cartoons, they really tell something more

I can't wait for your book at DC! The one you did with Bon gout is nice, one of my favorite at their catalog

And of course I can only be 100% OK with you about books!

Marcel Ruijters said...

Welcome, Marcus!

crippaXXXalmqvist said...

hej och välkommen till EBD, markus!
och det var en väldigt láng, men mycket intressant introduktion som du skrev. hmm, är det kolbeinn karlsson som du har öppnat ett galleri tillsammans med?

Zeke said...


Robert Adam Gilmour said...

Hello Marcus, Alkbazz mentioned a list of artists a while ago and your work was some of the stuff I liked best, so I wanted you here, you have a great rendering style.

M Nyblom said...

Hello people!

Thanks for your comments, sorry for the late reply. Thanks for all the great encouragement from all of you! Sorry for writing such a long post, I'm just terribly self-obsessed. Great to be in good company!

Hej Crippa, kul att upptäcka din konst! Nej, men vi representerar Kolbeinn, jag och kompis till honom (Petter Kallioinen) samt Finn Öhlund har startat galleriet.

Take care,