Monday, September 24, 2012

DREAMS (comics series)

Dreams - comics series by Shaltmira. Based on true stories (considering how TRUE the dreams can be).
Will be continued. 


Gaspard said...

Yes!!! Fantastical snake can be mother earth (the snake is related to healing, sensuality and the ground). Salus is represented with a serpent. Guivres (Vouivres) can be mother earth.

Gaspard said...

(snake can also be mother earth's offsprings)

Kurt Komoda said...

This is a creepy one! I've had dreams where something is physically wrong- a strange growth, perhaps. I remember a dream where my arm was growing very thin at the elbow- my arm looked like two sausage links. I held my forearm up for fear that it would break off. These dreams are terrifying to me. I feel such relief upon waking.
I hope to see more of your strange dreams!