Thursday, September 27, 2012

New Illustration and Anthology

Here's the latest piece for the Tom Bradley book I'm illustrating:

You've probably figured out by now that it has something to do with old Uncle Aleister, but Tom wants me to keep mum and not let too many cats out of the bag until it's published.

Here are some preliminary drawings from this and the other two illustrations:

Also, my work is featured prominently in a new anthology from Cypi Press entitled "Dark Stories By
Dark Artists" along with such artists as Tara McPherson, Charlie Immer, Heiko Mueller, Scott
Radke, KateMacDowell, Kris Kuksi and many others. You can purchase it from Amazon if you are so inckined.  If it's out of stock, you can also order it from Amazon UK.

1 comment:

Marcel Ruijters said...

I love the parakeet king. Very funny!
Say, why is the Crowley sperm swimming backwards?