Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Battle Of Blix

Here is an early in progress example of a very large digital collage I'm working on. This is part of The Land Of The Moth, an epic storybook that takes place in a strange fantasy world filled with cults of magicians that ride giant black wolves, cities of puppets, all varieties of the living dead and countless miracles, atrocities, Gods and creatures. Inspiration is taken largely from Lewis Caroll, Joel Peter Witkin, Clive Barker, Alessandro Bavari and Hieronymus Bosch. Other examples from this digital series can be found at The Imaginary Museum. The folks who run have been kind enough to host a gallery of my work there. You can see in this early version many of the place holder images that work well for me to guage the compositional elements before devoting a lot of time fine tuning elaborate digital constructions. A good example of a really bizarre scene from this picture is in the upper right, that odd mutated barn animal will have that cannon grafted onto its body, becoming some sort of living breathing war monstrosity that shoots cannon balls from its snout. Before its done there will be hundreds of odd characters fighting across the landscape and all variety of tanks and machine gun creatures running about with peculiar features.


Human Mollusk said...

Excellent Aeron, I'm really fond of your digital collages.

Paleo said...

Fascinant to see one of your collages in a early stage.