Sunday, February 25, 2007

This weekend I...

Drew a portrait of a friend:

Obsessed over a piece for a group show that I just don't like very much the more I work on it:

Practiced a portrait of Locke from Lost (his character and the monster being the only two interesting things left on it):

And did another stock-art sea monster:


aeron said...

More great art! That Masters of the Universe pic would be hillarious if Man At Arms was standing in the background behind He-Man, gasping in shock at He-Man getting his ass wupped. But that could play into a really disturbing scene of those two looking like they're... er.. doin things while Beastman gets his S&M on and skeletor watches. haghaha

On a serious note though, I think you've captured the toys really well. did you use actual toys posed for the drawing?

Ray Frenden said...

Thanks, dude. I kinda of wanted the homo eroticism to play subtle, but it is there a bit, isn't it, ha?

I didn't use the toys for reference other than to look up a few pertinent shots online. I was a total whore for the cartoon as a kid, but the toys were the real deal. So, yeah, the visual direction picked was more an homage to them than the cartoon which hasn't aged well.