Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Dungeon Master

I was subjected to the black out that hit 300,000 some people across America in the past few days so I had to draw this in candle light. I could barely make out what I was drawing so the next day when the sun went up I was surprised to see a drawing that turned out decently. And Jon, I'm mailing this one out to you this week, hope you dig it. You're getting the only drawing I've ever made and hopefully ever will make under candle light!


seantiger said...

Nice Pic Aeron!

How's the WAR drawings coming?

Jon Chandler said...

cool, can't wait to see this.
By candlelight should be th only way to draw dungeon pics.
Let me know when you get my dungeon effort in the post.

Noah Berlatsky said...

This is really pretty. It reminds me of Richard Sala a little -- I wonder if he draws in the dark?

Aeron said...

Thanks, yeah dungeon drawings should only be drawn in candle light. But it should go a step further and one of your hands should be shackled to a stone wall with a rat trying to attack you. That would bring about some serious dungeon pics!

Sean, it's still in the pencil stages . I've collected a lot of ww2 vehicles to use as reference in my reinterpretations, it's going to rock. Glad to see the deadline has been stretched to March 31st, I'll be able to devote more time to the smaller details. Everything will be alive so the rounds shooting out of the tank (a wheel treaded beast with a long snout that shoots) will be like a ball with a face with tiny stubbly arms and legs screaming.

Aeron said...

heheh, that is... a lot of ww2 vehicle PICTURES, although I would love to have my own tank.

seantiger said...

Sounds great!

Yes, I have days when I would like my own tank too.

Jon Chandler said...

I got this is in the post and it is truly amazing. Up close it looks like you drew this from a few feet away to make it a cohesive picture. It really works compositionally but when I look at it at my drawing distance it looks like it would have been impossible to make it work so well! Yep, channeling demons alright.