Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Grey Mouser and Behemoth

Was too busy to post yesterday; I think that's the first time I missed undeliberately (if that's a word....)

Anyway, the Grey Mouser is the other hero of Leiber's Nehwon stories. A Behemoth is a land whale, basically.

I did this one using both sharpie and ballpoint pen. As a result the dark/light value range is larger than I usually managed.

Text reads: "But you weren't afraid of that several months ago...."


Dave Johnson said...

Unlike you. I did google your name and this came up. So this is what you call "art". Your hatred of my stuff makes a lot more sense to me now.

SEAN said...

Hello Dave Johnson. The opinions of Noah Berlatsky do not reflect the opinions of Eaten By Ducks in general & Berlatsky is no longer associated with this blog. -the lawyers.