Sunday, February 25, 2007

Chica-Go-Go Comic

Just completed for the comic book to go along with the 500th episode of Chica-Go-Go! I did that Pedro Bell drawing for the same project. I'm stoked to see the final. I think this is one of the better comics i've done, i was super satisfied with the moshing Ratso in the first panel.



Aeron said...

awesome comic, never head of the show though. Pretty damn weird to have a rat puppet as a host!

Ray Frenden said...

I dig the comic. The first panel is particularly cool. I like the bugged-eye, sweat drenched anchor.

I'm from Chicago originally - about two hours away now.

zeke said...

Great stuff sean! mmmmmmm, ocean gorrilla... tasty! reminds me of maria callas scoffing tapeworm eggs to lose weight!