Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sick Sick Hurrah


Noah Berlatsky said...

That last gag, "Sigmund is back: and he's lactating!" is super.

There's a lot of Freud humor in the world, but I don't think there can ever be enough.

Human Mollusk said...

Your cartooning is just evil, David.

aeron said...

More morbid madness from David, I love it!

Paleo said...

Thanks guys.

Noah, what about a "hidden camera" show where we go around Vienna kidnapping shrinks and forcing 'em to live in real life the most commonplace dreams? like throw the slimy fucker in his old high school without any pants!

We'll be RICH!!

Think about it while i stencil "Hollywood or Bust" on my glider.

seantiger said...

Ha Ha! Madness!

A brilliant strip David. Very Funny.

I also think your idea for a reality TV is show is brilliant.

Maybe call it "Shrinks Against The Wall"?