Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Coffin Series

Here's a screenshot of my current digital project. I'm doing a series of 4 mummyesque figures in coffins for the Voida Voida coffin shaped book that Zeke is putting together. The originals are going to be much larger (19 x 7 inches) than the coffin book versions to allow for some nice looking prints.

A brief explanation of what some of the imagery in this picture are... bones from an ancint giant sloth, mummified lamas, the ears and split open forehead of a slaughtered pig, bits and pieces of a cool gargoyle sculpture, the right eye is that of a rhino, the wood on the borders is from a flooded out building that had some great textural wood rot, and other weird things. This part is still rough and I'm working towards pulling things better together but I have the head and chest area loosely how I want them.


Luke P. said...

So all of these images you use, are they at a higher resoultion, or do you just grab them at 72 off the web? If they are at 72, do you have to touch them or something?

Anonymous said...

Most of my imagery varies between 300 - 400 ppi but some is as low as 72. I treat the lower res imagery as "sketch" layers that I build under and over with other fragments. Well I do that with all layers but the low res imagery always needs a complete overlay. www.sxc.hu has been good for higher quality copyright free imagery. And the library of congress has images that are usually 600 ppi? Usually insanely large that always work good.

An example of a sketch layer would be to take something, say a head that I particularly like, which happens to be a measily 400 vertical and 500 horizontal pixels across. I'll stretch that 20 times maybe 10 times larger to fit on the composition and obviously at 100 percent it's going to be a mess of pixels. But setting the full composition at 10 percent I can see the face at normal size and work back in multiple layers of other higher res imagery that I can puzzle piece together to resemble that low res face with higher res imagery. But I usually work without a base photo sketch and construct things in a more.. experimental manner.

- aeron

Aeron said...

I get a lot of use out of pictures like this for random surface textures and translucent mesh layers over other imagery.


Luke P. said...


SEAN said...

Creepy crazy stuff man. I like to see how these come along.