Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Things You Should Watch

Barefoot Gen, Hiroshima Destroyed

An insane animated sequence of the Hiroshima bombing.

Dario Argento Montage
Here's a great collection of some of the best scenes from Argento's films.

Kids In The Hall- Killer Monkies

The best Kids In The Hall skit ever!


Unknown said...

Argento never fails to deliver to me he's the Kubrick of horror.

SEAN said...

Barefoot Gen is fantastic! I haven't seen the animated version, but i read the comics every year it seems like it. Very emotional & disturbing.

Robert Adam Gilmour said...

I think animated war movies are usually far more harrowing and effective that the live action films. Even the nuclear explosion in the Fist of the Northstar film is really disturbing.