Friday, March 21, 2008

Out There Radio

Internet radio is really fantastic, except for the whole it being on the internet part & not having that direct access of the radio tuner. I really miss tuning into good radio stations & just taping stuff, because they'd play stuff worth taping. Anyhow, you can still do that, it's just more complicated & more expensive & less cool.
Anyhow, if you're into the weirdness, "Out There Radio" covers it all from Charles Manson & the Process Church to Nazi Occultism & everything in between, inside out & upside down. I'm listening to their Robert Anton Wilson show right now.

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Aeron said...

I was screwing around with last fm earlier this week. It shows the music that I listen to in itunes. I threw it on my art blog for the fuck of it.

I used to listen to dirty radio but I think it got killed in recent months.

I usually throw on play lists that you can download on the right column at always some good tunes going on there.

Speakin of tunes, this place has a lot of great soundtracks, dig through their archives - The Thing score is a must have.