Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New small ink

I must have done this image 5 times already. One is called "The Butcher" and its an oil painting.


Aeron said...
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Aeron said...

Your figures have a sort of Aeon Flux stylization which is interesting. I suppose you're a fan of mannerism?

MD Encolpius said...

Mannerism, absolutely. As far as Aeon Flux, well that goes back all the way to the 90s. I guess that's just part of our generation. The first time I heard the word mannerism, as far as my work, was from Thomas Woodroff. And he said that's alright-that's just how I see the forms. I've always admired people like Egon Schiele.

Anonymous said...

The face has amazing character, it is an story in itself... what the picture's still lacking is an uniform obssesive treatment of the image, you gotta pay as much attention to the character's suit sleeves as you do to his eyes, that black wall looks great but that cube floating above the hands looks bland, unmotivated.

TORTURE the page, Egon Schiele got great doing just that.