Monday, May 26, 2008

Beware the G Man


Aeron Alfrey said...

Really funny stuff David. Do you get these published in any local newspapers, somethin like that? I want to see these in the funny papers!

Jason Overby said...

Somehow the "monster" in the "...Looks new..." panel makes me think only of George Bush. really funny, man.

Luke Pski said...

Really funny. Funny in a very "off" way, if that makes sense. Why can't I live in my dream world where alternative weekly papers have that kind of sensibility?
..I did have an idea a while for a concentration camp gag having to with a "complaints" box.

David said...

Thanks pals
and no, this the first time these appear anywhere

this the first time that anyone other than my dog or myself sees these!

Jason: it's the 'lil beady eyes that give him the "Bush look"

Luke, if you have a minute, could you help me to pinpoint the quality of the "Off"?

Off because of the black humor or Off because they seem the product of a slightly unbalanced mind? both?

Or it is unpointpointable?

Luke Pski said...

It's hard to say. I guess it's in the text, maybe. the language in a couple of them sounds like it's from a non-native English speaker; "I can not even hear myself think", for instance. that plays to the "unbalanced mind" that's evident in the drawing.

Paleo said...

Aahh...the charms of an unbalanced mind!

Seriously, this may be a HUGE delusion of mine, but i tend
to think my weird english grammar enrichs my comics,(besidesleaving aside the OBVIOUS errors) i'm a big fan of Herriman patois and of early cajun about garbled dialects!