Saturday, May 10, 2008

Spore Horder


-A few examples of what I've been up to lately. More like glorified sketches than anything else. Feel like the dam busted over the last couple of weeks, and I have that feeling again about drawing.No preparation, no figures, really, just draw.
I haven't quite cracked the code with this stuff though.It comes to you as you lay down to sleep after staying up way too late drawing- 'Oh, shit, that's exactly what I shoulda done...'


Catacombs..In the Depths of R'lyeh


Human Smoke, by Nicholson Baker
MInd Control, World Control, Jim Keith
I Am Alive And You Are Dead- bio of Philip K. Dick
Everlasting Man, G.K Chesterton

-Stay tuned for super-secret-special post in the coming weeks..


Mr. Sean said...

Cool stuff, glad to hear you've broken through whatever barrier was happening. Speaking of flood-gates, if i wasn't so busy chasing kids around, i'd be doing more art than i ever have before i've got so many fucking ideas... but... i've only got about two or three hours a day to do them! Ah well.

zeke said...

Good to see you posting again Luke.

MD Encolpius said...

When I see this, I think evolution. I very much admire your earlier work, but now there is a definite struggle- an exploration. And this is exciting-great stuff

Luke Pski said...

Well, ironically enough, I've started on some drawings that are much more like my earlier work, though I do feel I've learned a great deal from this experiment with abstraction and it's already informed my drawing.
But yeah, tentacles and eyeballs will be back soon...
Thanks for the kind words.

Anonymous said...

A promising start to your new stuff. I was thinking about the fire idea you mentioned to me previously, I'm not sure to what extent you've used this but I had an idea. One of those candle/charcoal lighters could be used spreading small flames and burn spots across a surface with a water gun handy to stop the flames or smoldering areas. With this technique you might be able to create some really impressive imagery depending on how well you could manipulate the flames.


Paleo said...

i don't like the first one, the second's good ( red on pink is a great color scheme) the third's beatiful, reminds me of stuff like Alexander Calder o early Miro, wich i love.

About breaking the dam, well half the work seems to find your own process & rhythms, a long time ago i discovered to my chagrin that i have to pay equal attention to both my looser & more controlled styles if i don't want the whole to stagnate.
My muse is a bitch.

This is stuff that you learn by doing, no amount of planning, thinking, theorizing will teach what it is that you need to do to keep that drawing spark bright.

Luke Pski said...

Absolutely right David.