Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Pickled Punks

Greetings folks! As always, outstanding work here!! Anyhows, I just realized I hadn't posted here in awhile. It was suggested earlier that I post some pics of my 3-D work, so here's a couple photos of some of my pickled punk sculptures. These are all under 10," not including the jars, and are made from air dry and polymer clays and painted with acrylic.


zeke said...

Wow! these are sick fer sure, would look awesome in psyched out nasty, lurid colours!
Do you sketch these critters out before you make them?
Would be cool to see the sketches to final piece if so.

Aeron Alfrey said...

These are great, I'm doing a post on Monster Brains next week of some insanely creepy Chinese flesh dolls that you should dig.

Paleo said...

Beautiful shit, have you thought of opening a bar? shots of vodka out of these pickled punks... Success!

Mr. Sean said...

I'm with everyone's comments. If these were day-glo with veins in a drink of blue vodka sizzle, i'd be ready. that said, when do we eat?

pickledpunk said...

I appreciate the comments! I'm hoping to make more of these soon. I've collected a bunch of unusual old lab jars for the next group. And yeah...I might go with some brighter colors this time. As far as pickled punk beverages go, I remember a weird short film about the caretaker of the pickled specimen collection in a museum who got in the habit of sipping fluids from the various jars.

So Chinese flesh dolls eh? Sounds groovy!...Can't wait to see! Made from real flesh or mini mummies or something?