Monday, May 26, 2008

Goblin's Armpit


With all this talk of zines, i'm putting out the 20th anniversary issue of Goblin's Armpit this summer. This coincides with my obsession with 1988, the year my life changed forever as my parents got a divorce & i stopped seeing the world in the same way. 1988 was the year i discovered the AKIRA comic & movie, the Dark Knight Returns, Clockwork Orange & college radio when it was still pretty intense & subversive (lots of hip hop & industrial & punk & heavy metal shows). The zine should traverse through the different stages of Goblin's Armpit, from Subgenius & RPG obsession, to budding Punk rocker Hip Hop Acid House weirdo phase, 1989-1992, to full on Punk Rock bad attitude 1993-1995, to post-apocalyptic medieval Punk period 1995-1997, to Satanic heavy metal gothic futurist period 1997-1998, to totalitarian futurist period 1998-1999. The zine then took a ten year hiatus as i was involved in numerous other projects. Something about 2008 really says that this zine needs to return, i'm not sure what it is, but it is also saying that all of these different periods need to meld together into something new & crazy.



Luke Pski said...

I think your 88 was like my 91. I started buying comics in the late 80s', but didn't really have a good idea of what I liked. It was normal intrest in comics. Pretty casual.
Weirdly, my parents divorced in 91 and I became totally obsessed with comics. Sam Keith was my favorite at the time. Total absorption into that stuff. I got really into metal, pestering older kids in the neighborhood who rode BMX bikes and wore Maiden shirts and had greasy, long mullets.
I watched that movie called COMEDIANS OF COMEDY ( really funny) and Zach Galifanakis was talking about how weird it was that Brian Posehn was still so into comics and metal and how he thought something must've gone down during adolescence that he latched onto that stuff. Posehn shook his head- "asshole. He's totally right."
Apparently his dad had died and his mom married an awful stepdad who ripped them off right around the time he got obsessed with comics..

Aeron Alfrey said...

The worm pic is bitchin. Great idea putting all the underground references as heads of the worms.

Mostyn said...

n ice pic. Im gonna send you like 10 buks for a bunch of your zines. I want one of these too. pax. oh, btw, when you want the art for the EBD zine?

Paleo said...

oh man, i gotta read this, plus, the worm drawing is meaner than a post-apocalyptic totalitarian futurist medieval Punk Goblin being denied his barbecue, RUN!
and the color one is the cover? cause it should be.

Paleo said...

PS:Brian Posehn rocks