Thursday, May 01, 2008


Exterior of the Extra-Dimensional Fortress
extra dimensional fortress

Interior of the Extra-Dimensional Fortress
extra dimensional interior

Concepts: Utopian project gone the way of all human creations: CHAOS. Rolling self-contained hyper urban city is infected with extra-dimensional mutated marketting virus, which merges with the physical fabric of the city & the whole thing becomes an organic, mind-reading land of commercialism & technology. Generations upon generations of people live in this Extra-Dimensional Fortress (built to survive nuclear holocaust or even escape the destruction of the earth by flying into outer space), degenerating from advanced civilization into tribal urban animism.

ZINES: There has been some talk back & forth between myself & other Eaten By Duckers about putting together zines. I'm totally interested but also totally swamped. But we need to do this. Let's discuss it.


Human Mollusk said...

Fucking awesome, Sean!

And I'm totally up for zines.

Aeron Alfrey said...

Excellent series, and you know I'm down for the zine.

Luke Pski said...

YEs- This Roolz!!

Anonymous said...

I love these man. I would love to have a full color book of this stuff. Nice job.

Anonymous said...

Great job. I would love to know how people get the $ to print their zines.

Anonymous said...

crap. this is mostyn publishing all these anon comments

zeke said...

Good stuff Sean!
The zine's a fine idea, gonna be a bugger to organise but well worth it.