Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Hi. Just finished a top-secret project for the GRUNION CLUB but is also available to you, the deserving public. New FULL COLOR comic zine "BOLONGA". Getting its name from an awesome misspelling of "Bologna" by one of my clay animation students, BOLONGA is 12 pages of shocking color comical madness!

Brought to you by alcohol-based magic markers! EL MARKO!

It's $2 (unoited st8s). Contact me if you want it & you're from some other nice place.


zeke said...

Hey Sean, I gotta get me some Bolonga!!!!!!!!
Please can you save me one, I dunno how I'm gonna sort out the cash but will do or would you be innarested in trading some drawings for a copy maybe?!!!
great stuff sean!

Sean the Sean said...

zeke, i'll send you one off ASAP. You're to thank for pushing me over the edge color-wise! Gave me more confidence to use the disgusting colors in my mind. So, yeah. I'd love to trade for some art. If you wait a second, i can send you some pre-run Ghosts, Dogs & Kings cards as well. salut.


zeke. said...

Cheers Sean!!! I'd be delighted if you send the Ghosts, Dogs & Kings cards also, fantastic! I'm doing a few nauseatingly coloured scrawls to send you so it may take a week or two, 'cause I wanna send you stuff I've done properly and not rushed.