Friday, March 16, 2007

The Witch Heart

So I've got this idea floating in my head that I need to sketch out. I was fantasizing about a giant dead witch in a forest. Her large body being the result of some odd spell gone wrong. But for whatever reason, she falls dead in the middle of this dark forest. After years go by animals eat her remains and drag her bones into all directions of the forest, pieces of her so large that they become sanctuaries for the creatures of the forest. Her huge skull, the size of a house, with the tall pointed black hat still stuck to her head, attached because of the knotted black hair and the glue like reaction of her putrid remains to the hat. The head would likely be lived in by other witches of more regular size, scrapping the insides of the skull of its nasty remains for strange brews and spells. Some of the large broken bones of the giant witch would contain dark magic that would ooze out in the hidden places they were left by hungry animals. But as all of the witch is consumed, rotted out, dragged away and used for potions, the heart remains. The giant black heart of the dead witch stays where it fell, beating noisily in a spot held sacred by the animals of the forest. For in this heart a factory inside spews forth a never ending stream of monsters that fill the forest with glowing eyes and sharpened teeth.


Matthew Allison said...

You HAVE to do this. I'm really in love with this idea.

Aeron said...

I'm torn in 3 directions, to put this in the Land of the Moth pile, the Hob Bob pile or make it its own thing. This would make for a fun piece of mythos in the haunted forrests of the Hob Bob world. It's given me inspiration to do an epic digital piece of a dark forrest filled with the glowing eyes of animals and monsters.