Saturday, March 17, 2007

Hoisted By My Own PC

Yet another non-comics-related post to clutter the blog. Since I'm what passes for a politically correct fascist on this blog, I thought you all (especially David and Robert) might get a kick out of seeing a feminist sneer at me.

Here's the link (You'll need to scroll a bit to find the relevant letter):

If you're also interested in reading the essay in question, it's online here:


Luke P. said...

I love how she complains- and bases her complaint on sexism- about the busboy getting paid more per hour; I've worked as a busboy and a waiter. A waiter ( waitresses make more than waiters, usually) makes at least 4 times as much as the busboy in any decent restaraunt. The Bus Boy usually gets a small percentage of the servers' tips- the server they've cleaned up and set tables for the for the whole shift.
Women sure are dumb.

Noah Berlatsky said...

Geez I missed that bit.

Y'know, being a PC fascist and all, I'm not really willing to generalize to all women from this one example. (I mean, there are a lot of men who say dumb things too, I've noticed — our President, as just one example.)

Baumgardner actually (and coincidentally) talks about busboys in her earlier book (Manifesta) and she's pretty clear that their jobs suck.