Monday, March 19, 2007

I Pity the Cthulhu

More Lovecraft drawings:

The text for this one reads: "Castle by pool or river --reflection fixed thro centuries -- castle destroyed, reflection lives on to avenge destroyers weirdly."

The text for this one reads: "Quotation: '...a defunct nightmare, which hard perished in the midst of its wickedness, and left its flabby corpse on the breast of the tormented one, to be gotten rid of as it might.' -- Hawthorne"

This one's actually drawn over a page describing how to evaluate websites; you can see some of that text peaking through....

And here's another illustration I did for the Flaming Fire website. My significant other thinks it looks kind of like a Tibetan cloud-dragon. My friend Bert was less taken with it; he said it looked like stationary that would be sold at a community art fair. Who is right? You decide....

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